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Writer/ Lyricist

Double O Gang

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Never Let Go
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Born Anthony Q. Frazier in Charlotte, NC native Trooskii is one of the latest rap artists to spark attention on the rap scene. With his signature phrase "OO" pronounced "Double-O" or simply two "O's"; he's proving to be the Carmelo of the game.  With so many ways to describe Trooskii as a rapper, One way in particular is effortless translations of life stories into catchy and lyrical tracks over bass dropping melodic beats. His charisma and energy to move the crowd is contagious with a diverse and tempo changing delivery he's clearly outpacing competition. 


But Trooskii isn't just an emphatic rapper, he’s a writer. His distinctive choice of words pours through speakers with a balance of melodic and infectious lyrics on recordings such as Bout It G-Mix, Only Fans, Brake Lights, and his latest release Never Let Go. Each release produces a non-traditional and emotionally catchy sound for listeners to enjoy. He describes his music as simply “real life s**t,” and while that's true there is no lack of fun nuances in his songwriting ability.

Whether you’re looking to party or kickback, Trooksii has the vibe for every occasion.


Manager: K-PAT
Email: Ambitiouzentg@gmail.com
Phone: 470.588.6164