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P. Candi

Writer/ Lyricist

Lick It Up


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All I care about is did you listen to the music and like it? Popularity is a state of mind and I'm the main character : ALWAYS

You don't know me a bio may not help much. All fans really need to know is my purpose; GET HYPE!! To something else besides p***y, pills, and shooting each other. There's enough artists for that and they're saying the same thing over and over and over. Fans want something new  out know is you  listening to the shit but I'm about to change all that!!! 

Seriously - I talk too much for bios and can’t articulate EVERYTHING about me in 1500 characters, especially since I hate the English language. How can you drive in a parkway but park in the driveway?!?! Why is monosyllable more than one syllable?!?! Why is right a direction and affirmation?!?! 

💜 PCand🍭


Manager: K-PAT
Phone: 470.588.6164
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